I don’t love change. I’m generally pretty happy with the status quo. Recently, it seems God
wants me to learn how to embrace change…
Earlier this year, my first hire, my friend, my sister-in-Christ, Jenni, gave me her notice. She and
her husband had moved back to where Jenni grew up. She had been making the long drive,
but the time came to stop. After 8 years at GaylaCake, Jenni wasn’t going to be here anymore
except for the occasional visit. Her vibrant personality and baking/decorating skills are missed
constantly. Change.
About a month ago, my full-time baker, who also happens to be my daughter, Alli, gave me her
notice. She had accepted a job that will allow her to have benefits and a nice salary. I’m thrilled
for her!! And I’m heartbroken for GaylaCake (and me!) Alli has been my right hand, working
50ish hours most weeks, knowing if she didn’t finish the job then it would be left to me.
Learning how to handle this big change is hard, but I want the best for her, and for all 4 of my
children! But… Change.
GaylaCake has been trudging along just fine since the beginning of Covid, even when we
weren’t sure if we’d make it through, God showed us we shouldn’t fear. And more recently,
when gas prices spiked, our income suddenly dropped. The trends were thrown out the
window! This wasn’t supposed to happen! But here we were…. Not meeting budget week after
week. Hours were cut. Product was pulled back. And supplies…. the ones that are
available…. were doubling! Change.
Honestly, questioning my place here has been constant since these changes. Is it time for
GaylaCake to disappear? Is it time for me to get a regular 9-5 job with a steady paycheck and
benefits? Oh, and don’t forget days off and vacations! I’ve prayed and asked and begged
God for answers and help! We closed for a week for vacation/cleaning. When we opened after
being closed a week, we had a banner week! We not only met but exceeded our income
budget for the first time since May! For me it was as if God whispered, “See! I got you!”
So, as I continue to ride this rollercoaster called owning a bakery, I am learning to embrace
CHANGE! It comes in so many ways, some good ways and some not so good. I don’t have all
of the answers, but this I know… God has my back, and whether it’s as the owner of a bakery,
or sitting behind a desk in an office, He’s never surprised by CHANGE!

Mom, Gayla, and daughter, Alli, on Alli’s last day at GaylaCake, 7/29/22.