Each GaylaCake that we create incorporates unique details and design requirements.  We are happy to discuss pricing with you to help create the perfect cake for your celebration.  It is very difficult to post pricing, as every cake will be different…down to the sprinkles.  Through a brief chat, we can adjust details to find the right fit for your budget.

We typically do not keep decorated cakes in our display coolers available for purchase.  Our cakes are primarily made for special requests.  We have cupcakes, cookies, and other specialty treat items available every day for walk-in service.

While we cannot guarantee gluten-free or allergen-free, we do offer milk-free cakes. If you require a milk-free cake, please be sure to specify this request while placing your order.

We work very hard to provide custom cakes that accommodate party themes while also avoiding copyright infringement.  We value the importance of artist’s rights and make every effort to avoid stealing another artist’s original design.  We feel confident that we can create an original design to fit your celebration.  Please feel free to send inspiration photos so that we can dream up something new with you!  For further details on our decision to exclude any copyrighted characters or images, please see our Facebook “note” on this matter.