Gayla’s Dad

If you have followed GaylaCake, you know that my inspiration of baking came from my mom and grandma; however, there is someone who is a huge part of the story that I haven’t shared until now.  Carl Weaver, the man I call Dad, is the strongest and wisest man I know.  He is also the most frugal person in all the world (okay, that is not a proven status, but I would pit him against the best coupon cutter ever!).

I grew up on a small pig farm in Southern Illinois.  Dad was up before dawn to take care of the pigs, then headed to his full time job as a postal carrier in the nearby town of Centralia, and then back home to take care of his acre size garden.  Since those days, Dad has retired after being awarded a Million Mile award.  I don’t remember him ever missing a day of work.  His strong work ethic was instilled in him by his parents, my amazing grandparents, which was passed down to me, WHICH has helped GaylaCake be the growing business it is.  I owe my dad so very much!  Besides his unending love and support, he makes the 2 hour drive from Illinois whenever I need him to help with handyman jobs around the GaylaCake shop. 

Dad designed and created my first shelving for GaylaCake, are still in use.  He has fixed the plumbing, painted, patched the roof, worked on flooring, worked on lights, hung shelving that he made himself, and on and on.  And these are just some of the ways he continues to support me and my business.  At 76 years old, he still seems unstoppable. 

I have shared with you how we lost my mom to cancer in 2014.  My dad lost his “Honzy”, Dad’s pet name for Mom.  They were married over 50 years.  He had to say goodbye to his helpmate, his caregiver, his love.  The example of love they lived is beyond compare.  My parents were the ultimate Godly examples of parents and as a married couple.  Each morning when I walked into the kitchen, their Bibles would be open from where they had their morning devotions.

I could write pages about my Dad, about how he disciplined out of love, about how he would write my mom poems, and how he continues to write and send birthday wishes with amazing love and humor, about how he can fix just about anything, and about how he loves unconditionally.  He is a MAN among men, and the best man I’ve ever known.